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Gendering prevention practices : a practical guide to working with gender in sexual safety and HIV/AIDS awareness education


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This manual lays out eight sessions, each with an array of diverse learning activities, for capacity building to help participants grasp the implications of working with gender in HIV prevention. The session themes are: Perceptions of gender, Ways of Understanding Gender, Key aspects of Gender for HIV prevention, Sex as a Gendered Activity, Gender and HIV, Embodying Change, A Sense of Working Together, Reviewing Gender issues in Context

Mobilising gender issues : report from the Living for Tomorrow project on youth, gender and HIV/AIDS prevention


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[Publisher's abstract] This is an overview of what this gender-focused, youth HIV prevention project undertook, the concerns it had to consider, and what issues it had to navigate. It discusses wider and more specific challenges faced in developing a strong educational focus on gender issues; describes the implementation of different stages and dimensions of the work - its vision, planning, building, designing and different actions undertaken to achieve its ends. It discusses outcomes and learning processes that came into focus. The report could be of interest for exploring the significance of gender HIV/AIDS and sexual safety work with young people. Appendices include documents used in project, that illustrate concrete strategies (Capacity Building, Youth Workshops, evaluation etc.)

Challenging gender issues

Clift, Stephen

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[Publisher's abstract] This analyses and discusses research feedback about teenagers' ways of thinking about gender in their society, how they perceive sexual relations / behaviours to be "gendered" and perceptions of gender and risk behaviours. The data is Estonian, but the questions raised, and the educational challenges posed relate to young people in any society and would be useful reading for those involved in sexual safety and health education with young people


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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