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Children and violence [whole issue]


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This resource examines..."violence by and to children, using the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as its framework. The focus is on interpersonal violence, both intrafamilial and extrafamilial. Sexual abuse and exploitation are included because, although they do not necessarily involve violence or coercion, the vast majority of evidence indicates their generally harmful physical and psychological effects. Children’s involvement in armed conflict is also discussed, as are the prevalence of violence involving children and the reasons why children become violent"

Family violence against women with disabilities


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This factsheet provides information about family violence against women with disabilities. It highlights the different form of violence and abuse that may be committed against disabled women and various supports available. This resource is useful to anyone interested in family violence against women with disabilities

Sexuality and disability


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This website is focuses upon questions a woman with a disability might have - about her body, about the mechanics and dynamics of having sex, about the complexities of being in an intimate relationship or having children, about unvoiced fears or experiences of encountering abuse in some form. It discusses a wide range of topics related to sexuality and presents verious perspectives. this website is useful to anyone interested in sexuality and disability


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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