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Access to medicines in under-served markets : what are the implications of changes in intellectual property rights, trade and drug registration policy?

September 2004

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This overview draws on seven studies commissioned by the UK's Department for International Development. After providing some background, it considers the implications of stronger intellectual property protection for access to medicines; the prospects for supply in emerging and under-served markets; and makes recommendations for increasing access

Emerging challenges and opportunities in drug registration and regulation in developing countries

HILL, Suzanne
May 2004

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This study describes current drug regulation and registration processes in selected countries, in order to understand how they affect the quality and availability of medicines in developing countries. It puts forward policy recommendations as to how systems can more efficiently allow appropriate quality drugs to be marketed and examines the emerging challenges and requirements posed by compulsory licensing, drugs for neglected diseases, anti-retroviral (ARV) and anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs

UNITAID : together to heal

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UNITAID’s mission is to contribute to scaling up access to treatment for HIV and AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, primarily for people in low-income countries, by leveraging price reductions for quality diagnostics and medicines and accelerating the pace at which these are made available


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