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Does shortening the training on integrated management of childhood illness guidelines reduce effectiveness? results of a systematic review|Final report

ROWE, Alexander K
et al

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This comprehensive report presents the findings of a systematic review of the effectiveness of shortening Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy training. The results are useful for NGOs and other national and international bodies working in the field of childhood illness
Health Policy and Planning (in press)

The manager|management strategies for improving health services

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This continuing education management publication presents in-depth discussions of management strategies for improving health and family planning services. Each issue focuses on a specific management topic and includes 'working solutions' from the field, practical tools and a 'Case Scenario' designed for use in staff development and training. Publication seems to have ceased in 2004
Four times a year

Participatory learning and action [formerly: PLA notes]

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The principal aim of Participatory Learning and Action is to enable practitioners of participatory methodologies throughout the world to share their field experiences, conceptual reflections and methodological innovations. The series is informal and seeks to publish frank accounts, address issues of practical and immediate value, encourage innovation, and act as a 'voice from the field'. Though not dealing exclusively with health issues, these are regularly covered in articles and special issues
Twice a year
Print: free (developing countries), 56.00 USD individuals, 150 USD institutions
Free online

Human resources for health development journal (HRDJ)|an international journal for development of human resources for health

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This open access, online journal publishes papers on all aspects of planning, producing and managing human resources for health - all those who provide health services worldwide. As such, it conveys the quantitative and qualitative products of research and analysis, and seeks to address policy issues and foster policy debate. It invites contributions from users of health services as well as from academics, policy-makers and practitioners in the health realm and from disciplines - such as the behavioural sciences, economics, law, geography and management - that impinge on health and health development
Three times a year
Free (Online)


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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