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Families as primary partners in their child's development and school readiness

HEPBURN, Kathy Seitzinger
December 2004

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The purpose of this toolkit is to provide guidance, resource materials and references that will assist communities in working with families as partners in their child's development and school readiness. By recognizing and building the capacity of parents as their child's first educators and engaging parents as decision makers for their child and leaders in the agencies and organizations that serve them, communities can strengthen families and support young children being ready for school. Part 1 explores aspects of: parent education and parents as a child's first teachers; parent education models, including home-visiting and site-based programmes; professional and paraprofessional preparation to deliver parent education services; and programme outcomes and evaluation. Part 2 investigates: parent involvement as decision makers and in leadership roles; policies and standards that support parents as leaders; parent and provider/professional preparation for and engagement in collaborative leadership; and sustaining collaborative leadership. The intent is to support a holistic approach and encourage parents as primary partners across all systems that serve young children and their families and help young children grow up healthy, develop well, and enter school ready to learn. The toolkit includes tip lists, check lists and comprehensive thematic lists of annotated resources


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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