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Questioning diversity : practices, discourses and the early childhood education profession


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This paper presents a review of the literature on diversity and difference and discusses the implications for early childhood education and education professionals. It shows how bureaucracies, administrations and a tendency to cultural normalization work toward assimilation rather than cultural transformation, while issues of gender, race, language, religion, social class and sexual preferences are relegated to the private sphere. Institutionalised pedagogy needs to be challenged by a pedagogy of whiteness, exposing the non-inclusive nature of educational practices, and creating a space for the complexities, richness and potential of diversity

Inclusion and deafness : a report of a seminar

MILES, Susie
June 1999

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The report on an international seminar which included participants from a number of Southern countries. The report contains reports from these countries, covering issues such as Sign Language development, employing deaf adults in schools, pre-school initiatives and the role of family and community


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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