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Telehealth North Network

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This website describes the telehealth network for an extensive region in the north of Canada - a less-developed region of an industrialised country. The site has considerable information about telehealth programmes and other related projects and also provides multimedia clips from some of the featured enterprises

Information technology [chapter 16] | Reaching out


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This chapter outlines WHO's internal strategy for improved knowledge management in the Asian region in response to the SARS and Avian Influenza emergencies; with ICT aiding staff to work together to share knowledge, experience, systems and infrastructure. In the countries where WHO has offices, the information and communications technology (ICT) environments vary considerably, which can make it difficult to ensure all WHO staff have the same level of access to the information and services they need. Focuses on health mapping using GIS technology, and health information systems in China

HIV i-Base : HIV treatment information for healthcare professionals and HIV-positive people

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This is an an easy to understand, non-technical website providing information about anti-retroviral treatment for AIDS for health care professionals and HIV positive people. There are clear guides to combination therapy, changing treatment, managing side effects and women's health. There is a regular HIV treatment bulletin that gives a technical review of latest treatment research and trials and news relating to clinical management of HIV. It also provides information on education and training on meetings, materials, specialist training and networks for HIV positive people and community advocates in the UK and abroad. HIV i-Base is an HIV-positive led activist group

Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)

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The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) has since 1998 been campaigning for greater access to HIV treatment for all South Africans, by raising public awareness and understanding about issues surrounding the availability, affordability and use of HIV treatments. It campaigns for equitable access to affordable treatment for all people with HIV/AIDS and supports the prevention and elimination of all new HIV infections. It promotes and sponsors legislation to ensure equal access to social services for and equal treatment of all people with HIV/AIDS. It challenges by means of litigation, lobbying, advocacy and all forms of legitimate social mobilisation, against any barrier or obstacle, including unfair discrimination that limits access to treatment for HIV/AIDS in the private and public sector. It educates, promotes and develops an understanding and commitment within all communities of developments in HIV/AIDS treatment. It campaigns for access to affordable and quality health care for all people in South Africa. It trains and develops a representative and effective leadership of people living with HIV/AIDS on the basis of equality and non-discrimination irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, sex, socio-economic status, nationality, marital status or any other ground. It campaigns for an effective regional and global network comprising of organisations with similar aims and objectives

African Index Medicus (AIM)


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African Index Medicus is a project based in the World Health Organisation's African Regional Office, and supported by "national focal points" -- libraries in different countries which collect, index and send data to the project coordinator in Congo. The project is designed to provide access to health information published in or related to Africa and to encourage local publishing. It aims to collect references of published and unpublished health information which is not indexed elsewhere. Materials indexed include conference proceedings, journal articles and reports covering subjects such as rehabilitation, leprosy and epilepsy from a medical and practical perspective. Where possible, a link to the full text on the Internet is provided

Learning resource center (LRC) toolkit


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This comprehensive toolkit contains practical information and training materials on the technical aspects of running a resource centre. There are sections on databases, the Internet, marketing, writing grant proposals, searching for health information, computer software, and many more

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary : the green pendelu and maternal health in Mali


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This paper introduces the philosophy and elements of the DIORO approach in which indigenous cultural resources in Mali, including songs, singer/storytellers (griots) and traditional clothing, were used in a successful campaign to increase communication between husbands and wives regarding pregnancy and to improve health-seeking behavior during pregnancy. Assisted births in the project area increased from under 20% at the start of the project to 77% in the year after the IEC campaign was implemented

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This website aims to disseminate information on HIV/AIDS to researchers, the health profession, the public, infected individuals, educators and policy-makers. It has sections dedicated to each of these audiences available in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa. 'Current awareness' pages offer compiled lists of links to 'breaking news' and 'fast facts' relevant to each audience group. Although some information refers specificially to the South African context, the site holds much information relevant to Africa and internationaly

Health Information Network (HIF-NET)

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HIF-net is an email discussion forum where more than 1300 people from around the world share ideas and insights on ways to improve access to relevant, reliable information for healthcare workers and professionals in developing countries. Launched in July 2000 in collaboration with the World Health Organization, it is now supported by the Global Forum for Health Research and is hosted on the "DGroups" platform. To join, email your name, affiliation and professional interests to

Demographic and health surveys :Measure DHS

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The purpose of this website is to provide the information to support effective planning, monitoring, and evaluation of population, health, and nutrition programmes. The aim is to further understanding on global populations and health trends. The surveys conducted are designed to provide the following services: data collection and analysis; collaboration and coordination; dissemination and data use; and capacity building. This website would be useful for anyone interested in demography, health and nutrition development

Essential health links

RHINE, Lenny

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This resource provides more than 700 useful websites for health professionals, medical library communities, publishers and NGOs in emerging and developing countries. It is divided into three sections covering: general health resources, specific health resources, and library and publishing support

Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED)


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This website provides information on national health research systems in low and middle income countries. It would be useful for anyone involved in health research at a national or at international level, policy makers, research managers, researchers, health care practitioners, health system managers, civil society and development professionals. Individuals actively involved in health research in their country (either as researcher, policy maker, or user) are encouraged to become active contributors to the site

Practical pointers for primary care - abstracted monthly from the journals

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This website is updated each month with abstracts from six medical journals: the New England Journal of Medicine; Annals of Internal Medicine; Archives of Internal Medicine; the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet and the British Medical Journal. Cumulative indexes for the first and second six months of each year since 1999 are also available. It is intended for professional health workers, particularly those working in primary care

UVRI/IAVI HIV vaccine program

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This is the website for a collaboration between the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), based in Entebbe, which is one of the many sites in the development of an HIV vaccine where volunteers can participate in a trial. The site provides information about the initiative, the Uganda guidelines for AIDS vaccine research; a booklet of frequently asked questions about vaccines; and information for potential volunteers about the Ugandan HIV vaccine trial

Public engagement with science on the internet

Wellcome Library

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"A gateway to Internet resources on public engagement with science and technology and science communication. Produced by the Wellcome Library in collaboration with Intute, Psci-com consists of a growing searchable database of websites, a calendar of events, online bibliographies and links to an associated email discussion list. Websites included in the database include science communication courses, sources of funding for public engagement activities, key reports and documents, and primary source surveys and opinion polls"

Future health systems : innovations for equity

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This is the website of the Future Health Systems consortium, which aims to ensure real health gains for the poor, through research and partnership that informs and influences the health systems of the future. Research themes include; the policy process, maternal health, primary health care, health markets, chronic illness and health and social protection; and there is a particular focus on Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Nigeria and Uganda

TRIP database

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This is a clinical search engine designed to allow clinicians to quickly find answers to their clinical questions using the best available evidence through simultaneous searching of multiple sites. The information provided is free but in order to access it, users have to complete an online registration form. The site was evaluated an external team from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine ( in 2006

Health EU enewsletter

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This newsletter provides the latest news and activities in the field of public health at both European and international level
Two per month

Global health action

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Global Health Action is an open access journal publishing peer-reviewed research on global health, engaging with key public health and policy issues. Global Health Action is published in cooperation with Umeå University, Sweden.