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Programa de acción : e-Salud. Telemedicina


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The document describes the programme e-Salud, one of the components of the National Program of Health 2001-2006 of the Mexican Government. It details its objectives, main strategies, action points and the system of evaluation of the results. The programme aims to improve communication on health in Mexico (among the health system, health personnel and citizens). It also looks to strengthen health institutions, to build the capacity of the population to take responsibility for their health care and healthcare seeking, to extend choice in services, to protect against catastrophic medical expenses and to participate in the definition of the health national agenda, as well as to have mechanisms to respond to suggestions and demands. A diagnosis is made of the situation of health in Mexico, as well as of ICT initiatives in health carried out to extend health service coverage, especially to the poorest and marginalized sectors of the population, to facilitate the exchange of information in health sector, to support the promotion and protection of the health, and to carry out distance training for health personnel


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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