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Towards independent living: Collecting examples from Europe

March 2019

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This Collection is a joint initiative of the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) and the European Disability Forum (EDF). It features examples from different EU Member States, which to a different extent facilitate the right to live independently in the community.

The examples are divided into four areas, presented in different chapters:

  • Legislation and funding: State Funded Peer-Counselling – Estonia; Direct Payments – Ireland.
  • Community-based support: Peer-Counselling for women with disabilities – Austria; Supported living for adults with intellectual disabilities – Croatia; Supported Decision-Making – The Czech Republic; Mobile Mental Health Units – Greece; Personal Assistance for People with Complex Disabilities – Sweden .
  • Involvement of disabled people: Co-Production in Social Care – United Kingdom; Participation of Organisations of People with Disabilities – Italy
  • Self-advocacy: Self-Advocacy of Disabled People – Romania


Stepping up victim assistance in southeast Europe : good practices and lessons learned in the region

December 2010

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This report presents the content and outputs of a regional mine victims assistance workshop in southeast Europe. It outlines key victim assistance achievements and challenges, provides examples of good victim assistance practices and lessons learned, and outlines recommendations for stakeholders. This report is useful for people interested in victim assistance
Stepping Up Victim Assistance in the Region : Taking stock and Planning for the future
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
12-16 April 2010


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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