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How to investigate drug use in health facilities : selected drug use indicators

Action Programme on Essential Drugs

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This manual defines a limited number of objective measures that can describe the drug use situation in a country, region or individual health facility. Such measures, or indicators, will allow health planners, managers and researchers to make basic comparisons between situations different areas or at different times. In addition, when an intervention is undertaken to improve aspects of drug use, the indicators can be used to measure impact. Indicators can also serve as simple supervisory tools to detect problems in performance by individual providers or health facilities

Human functioning and disability

United Nations

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The demand for statistics on human functioning and disability has greatly increased following the International year of disabled persons (1981), the adoption of the United Nations World programme of action concerning disabled persons (1982), and the release of the standard rules on the equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities (1993). The world programme of action specifically requested that the United Nations develop systems for the regular collection and dissemination of information on disability.
In 2005 the United Nations statistics division will initiate a systematic and regular collection of basic statistics on human functioning and disability by introducing a disability statistics questionnaire to the existing demographic yearbook data collection system. The United Nations statistics division is currently testing the disability questionnaire and developing tabulation and dissemination plans.
This website is a statistical reference and guide to the standards and methods and available data on functioning and disability

Washington group on disability statistics


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"The Washington Group on Disability Statistics (WG) is a United Nations (UN) City Group commissioned to improve the quality and international comparability of disability measurement in Censuses and surveys." This website provides the WG's background, objectives, meetings, documents, and short set of questions. This website is useful to anyone interested in disability and statistics

Human development report : statistics


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The UNDP holds a comprehensive database about different areas relevant to describing the development of a country. This database includes indicators such as literacy, average age of death, child mortality etc and is relevant for all researchers and NGOs

Hesperian images


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On this website users can browse and search more than 12,000 health illustrations from our renowned publications. Registered users can organize, purchase, and download images for a price depending on usage



Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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