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International norms and standards relating to disability


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This resource provides concise analytical information on international norms and standards concerning persons with disabilities that have been adopted under the auspices of the United Nations system or other inter-governmental bodies and organisations. It is a reference tool that contains information resources on the international and regional normative standards to promote the rights of persons with disabilities in society within a broad human rights framework, encompassing the full range of human rights from civil and political to economic, social and cultural rights and the different mechanisms by which these norms and standards have been adopted in to local laws.
Further, this resource is a practical guide to putting into practice rights on behalf of persons with disabilities. It also provides an educational tool designed to help identify effective measures to promote, protect and integrate the rights of persons with disabilities into all areas of national legislation, policies and programmes and to promote increased awareness of internationally accepted norms on: the equalisation of opportunities for persons with disabilities; the full and effective integration of persons with disabilities in social life and development; and standards to protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities. It will be useful for: governments; national and international policy makers; inter-governmental, international and non-governmental organisations; researchers in the area of disability rights; civil society organisations concerned with disability issues and the global disability community

Human functioning and disability

United Nations

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The demand for statistics on human functioning and disability has greatly increased following the International year of disabled persons (1981), the adoption of the United Nations World programme of action concerning disabled persons (1982), and the release of the standard rules on the equalization of opportunities for persons with disabilities (1993). The world programme of action specifically requested that the United Nations develop systems for the regular collection and dissemination of information on disability.
In 2005 the United Nations statistics division will initiate a systematic and regular collection of basic statistics on human functioning and disability by introducing a disability statistics questionnaire to the existing demographic yearbook data collection system. The United Nations statistics division is currently testing the disability questionnaire and developing tabulation and dissemination plans.
This website is a statistical reference and guide to the standards and methods and available data on functioning and disability


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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