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Measuring welfare for small but vulnerable groups : poverty and disability in Uganda


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When vulnerable groups such as disabled people are surveyed, representative welfare estimates from non-purposive sample surveys becomes an issue. This paper takes the example of Uganda and describes the connections between disability, poverty, wellbeing and social welfare. This is possibly the first time that statistically representative information on income poverty amongst disabled people has been generated for a developing country

Participation of organizations and partners for persons with disabilities in the PEAP 2003 revision

July 2003

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This document was produced by national organisations of and for disabled people in Uganda. It contributes to the Ugandan government's review of its Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP), and describes disabled people's situation in the country regarding poverty. The document goes on to make a series of recommendations to the Ugandan government on reducing disabled people's poverty, through incorporating a disability focus in the four pillars of the PEAP - economic growth and transformation, good governance and security, actions which directly increase the incomes of the poor, and actions which directly increase their quality of life

Chronic poverty and disability in Uganda


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The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship of long-duration poverty and disability. It seeks to summarise the current state of knowledge about disability and chronic poverty in Uganda; discuss factors that lead to disabled people living in perpetual poverty; describe efforts to address the long-term poverty of disabled people in Uganda; and propose policy interventions aimed at the inclusion of disabled people in Uganda's development process

Chronic poverty and disability

YEO, Rebecca

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This report summarises the interconnections between disability and chronic poverty. After giving general information about different stakeholders, principles and structures, it presents two case studies (from India and Uganda) where action is being taken to mitigate or reduce chronic poverty among disabled people


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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