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Socio-economic differences in health, nutrition and population : India

GWATKIN, Davidson
et al
May 2000

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The figures presented in this publication describe the health, nutrition, and population (HNP) status, and service use among individuals belonging to different socio-economic classes. The figures are intended to provide the Bank operational staff, and government officials with whom they work, basic information for their use in preparing country analyses, and in developing HNP activities for the disadvantaged. The document represents an initial effort to provide basic information about health, nutrition, and population conditions and service use by socioeconomic class within countries. It discusses the most significant technical issues encountered in preparing the information, such as the descriptive nature of relationships, and expands on the implications of an asset approach, as measures of socioeconomic status. Accompanying each of the rates presented in the total population table are the values for two statistical indictors of inequality: poor/rich ratio, and concentration index. While most findings reported herewith, are in line with expectation, there are exceptions, and anomalies that require further investigation. [Publisher's abstract]


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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