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Where can design have the greatest impact in the next five years?

CASEY, Valerie
April 2014

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This special 100th journal issue focuses on women, design and social impact. The concept of "Design for all" is that the starting point should be the needs of people with activity limitation, such as physical, sensory and mental or cognitive limitation, and spaces, buildings and products should be designed to be accessible to all without losing the aesthetic or adding to cost.

The Journal contains 10 short essays by designers addressing issues such as: the need to assess the requirements of users first; exploring the political and social aspects of design; the responsibilities of designers; design as a problem solving tool;design to improve the lives of the poorest; sustainability; development; technology; and the environment

Design For All Journal​, Vol 9, No 4 

AIDS analysis Africa online (formerly: AIDS analysis Africa)

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Aids Analysis (Southern Africa Edition),was launched by White Publications in 1990 to give coverage to AIDS related issues in South African countrie. In 1998, this publication became available as a 16-page bi-monthly journal focussing on the socio-economic impacts of HIV and AIDS in Africa. AAAO is grappling with issues related to HIV/AIDS and providing the reader with current and credible information, facts and figures relating to the disease and its impact on the world.
Publication ceased in 2010


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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