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View of the Yeti : bringing up children in the spirit of self-awareness and kindredship


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Using the mythical creature of the Himalayas, the Yeti, as a symbol for the prejudices and assumptions that people prematurely make about each other, this book discusses bringing up children to accept and cherish diversity and helping them to thrive in an increasingly diverse world. The concept 'diversity' here includes language, gender, physical characteristics, social origin and religious beliefs. Directed to educators and caregivers of toddlers and preschoolers, the book takes insights from Dutch-, French-, and English-language literature and provides practical examples based on European issues and context

Culturally or contextually appropriate?


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This edition of Early Childhood Matters is centred on an analysis of culturally relevant approaches in early childhood development undertaken by the Bernard Van Leer Foundation. The objective was to learn from the accumulated experiences of 11 projects. One aim was to explore how projects that work in culturally appropriate ways can pay special attention in their work with children and parents to factors such as language, cultural norms, childrearing practices and family relationships. The second aim was to highlight the ways in which projects working in different contexts handle relationships between cultures. The geographic spread covered Australia, Botswana, Malaysia, The Netherlands, USA, Colombia, Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous region. The chosen projects worked with indigenous peoples in their traditional settings, with migrants and in multi-ethnic environments

Refugee health : an approach to emergency situations


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This book is intended for professionals involved in public health assistance to refugees and displaced persons. It deals with a wide variety of specific refugee health issues such as the initial assessment, immunisations, water and sanitation, nutrition, shelter, communicable diseases, human resources and training. In the introduction the book gives some political and social background and highlights vulnerable groups that need to be recognized

Review of early childhood development policy and programs in Sub-Saharan Africa


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The report complements the paper "The Condition of Young Children in Sub-Saharan Africa" (report no. WTP326). This report reviews current programs and policies across a set of country experiences, and focuses on efforts which address intersecting health, nutrition, and early education needs of children aged zero to six in their institutional and socio-cultural environments. Eleven approaches to early childhood development were selected for study. The report analyzes in each case the contextual impetus from which program and policy choices were made. The analysis begins with program and policy features which directly affect children and their families, then works outward to levels of community, regional, national and international support. Concluding chapters highlight gaps in experience to date and summarize challenges which lie ahead for creating integrated supports to health, nutrition, and early education in a manner that is consistent with the strengths of tradition and culture in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Breastfeeding : science and society [whole issue]

December 1996

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This special issue is based on papers presented at a workshop held by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society in May 1995. Sections include : establishing lactation, impact on fertility, infection and disease

Multiculturalism, chronic illness and disability

GROCE, Nora Ellen
ZOLA, Irving Kenneth

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This paper advocates that to better service children and adults who have a chronic illness or disability within the multicultural society of the US, it is imperative that people understand the cultural beliefs and attitudes that determine behaviours, guide decisions, and effect interactions with the broader society