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Cultural beliefs and attitudes about disability in East Africa

BUTERA, Gretchen

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"This interpretive literature review of cultural beliefs and attitudes about disability in East Africa identified themes in four categories including (a) the causes of disability, (b) attitudes towards disability, (c) treatment of people with disabilities, and (d) language about disability. Referencing the medical, social, and pluralistic frameworks for conceptualizing disability, the authors sought to compare and contrast East Africa with perspectives about disability common in the developed world. Implications for policy and practice are discussed"
Review of Disability Studies : An International Journal, Vol 8, Issue 1

Disability culture : assimilation or inclusion? [Chapter 22]


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This chapter reviews the analysis of culture and its relationship to society, the economy, and politics, and outlines the representation of disability in mainstream culture. It then explores the generation of disability cultures and examines the development of the disability arts movement and its implications for disability culture. These issues are illustrated with examples from both U.K. and U.S. cultures
Chapter 22 in "Handbook of disability studies"

The fourth wave : violence, gender, culture & HIV in the 21st century

NGUYEN, Vinh-Kim
KLOT, Jennifer F

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This online forum contains articles and commentary considering why there is a growing 'feminization' of the HIV and AIDS epidemic and why responses to the epidemic are failing women, with a particular focus on deeply rooted social, cultural and economic factors that are driving the epidemic

Social inclusion, citizenship and diversity


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This article explores the concepts of social inclusion, citizenship and diversity and highlights that social inclusion can provide a coherent critique of the multiple forms of social injustices and the concomitant institutional policies and practices


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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