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Population and health infoshare


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Population and Health InfoShare is an electronic library of material submitted by over 100 partner organisations. It features documents in reproductive and child health, HIV/AIDS, population and related areas. The primary objectives of PH InfoShare are to increase access to important population and health information; provide a means for organisations to share and exchange information; and foster greater dissemination of research findings and lessons learned. For users, PH InfoShare affords easy access to population and health material. Users may access documents by visiting the website or by sending requests via e-mail. Additionally, users may subscribe to e-mail updates, specifying the material they want to receive by topic, region, and partner, or can email themselves documents that they have identified through searching the website. The search facility allows users to select a topic, language, region/country and partner organisation from drop-down lists

Development gateway


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The Development Gateway portal provides a space for communities to share experiences on development efforts. The portal supports the Development Gateway Foundation's knowledge-sharing efforts through services such as an online directory for information on development projects (AiDA), an electronic procurement market (dgMarket), information on major development topics (Topic Pages), and links to a growing network of country-level initiatives (Country Gateways). By offering users virtual interactive communities centered on development issues, the portal's Topic Pages encourage knowledge-sharing and help improve collaboration among development practitioners. Expert guides and global topic advisors work with their communities to highlight the most relevant and useful resources available on the Internet. The topic pages enable you to share knowledge and locate resources on a variety of development topics; build a community of experience around development topics through individual member contributions; receive free email alerts and newsletters; and make connections with thousands of registered users

Child friendly cities initiative


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This website is a knowledge base for the global Child Friendly Cities (CFC) Initiative. It contains the CFC Database, which collects information on the role played by local governance systems in the areas of child rights, child participation and services for children; a CFC toolkit, which offers a definition of a CFC, examples of good practice and successful methods from around the world, a framework for action and key references

International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders


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This website contains a range of information about iodine deficiency, including a full-text, online book and the IDD newsletter. The organisation aims to advocate for, and to promote, optimal iodine nutrition and the elimination of iodine deficiency disorders

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition


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This site links through to GAIN publications and information about the organisation’s project. There is also a variety of information about micronutrient deficiencies, including maps and data. GAIN’s mission is to reduce malnutrition through the use of food fortification and other strategies aimed at improving the health and nutrition of populations at risk. The organisation builds partnerships between the public and private sectors

Diminishing natural resources mean that population growth is the major global public health problem of the 21st century

SATHYANARAYANA, Tamysetty Narayana

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This paper advocates for the development of strategies to address water conservation, waste water treatment and use, efficient use of land, proper environmental policies to preserve and sustain water quality, air quality, soil and biological resources and slow migration from dependence on fossil fuel to self sustaining solar energy, because as the population increases, the limitations of natural resources would pose pandemic health challenges

Appropriate technology

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Features articles on appropriate technology for agriculture, aquaculture, food processing, small-scale industry, rural community development, stoves, waste utilization, energy as well as health features. Sample issue and contents available from website
Four times a year
Standard subscription 158.00 GBP/ 316.00 USD
Personal subscription 52.00 GBP/ 104.00 USD
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Boiling point|a practitioner's journal on household energy, stoves and poverty reduction

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A technical journal for those working with household energy. Deals with technical, social, financial and environmental issues and aims to improve the quality of life for poor communities living in the developing world. Contains practical information on stove construction and design, appropriate technologies in the field of stoves and household energy, stove making materials, governmental and NGO stove programmes, research and development, associated sociological issues, cooking practices, fuel issues and conservation. Back issues available on CD-ROM. Previously published by Practical Action
Articles published online when they are ready
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CAREC surveillance report (CSR)

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Aimed at epidemiologists and environmental and public health officers. Provides regular updates on a range of diseases prevalent in the region. The CSR's primary purpose is the feedback of surveillance data and dissemination of technical information to better understand the health situation, to prevent, control and eliminate disease and to promote health. Click on the link near the bottom of the home page to access archive


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Footsteps has a Christian emphasis and is aimed at all health and development workers. It aims to share practical ideas and enthusiasm on all aspects of development that impact at community level, including health, sustainable agriculture, agro-forestry, literacy, the environment, and project management. Provides book reviews and resource guides
Four times a year


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Provides information on the UN's work in development and health, on UN-NGO cooperation, and the activities of NGOs and their participation in the work of the UN
2-3 times a year
Free online

Third world resurgence

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Aims to give a Third World perspective to the whole range of issues confronting the Third World, such as, the environment, health and basic needs, international affairs, politics, economics and culture, etc
Nine times a year
Free online
Developed Countries (Institutions): 60:00 USD Airmail / 45.00 USD surface mail
Developed Countries (Individuals): 45.00 USD Airmail / 30.00 USD surface mail
Third World Individuals and Groups: 35.00 USD Airmail / 20.00 USD surface mail

Notes and news on school sanitation

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First title in a group of occasional and informal newsletters designed to disseminate current information, knowledge and experience on current developments in specific aspects of water supply and environmental sanitation
Produced occassionally