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Children affected by HIV/AIDS : appraisal of needs and resources in Cambodia. Summary report

May 2000

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This report presents the findings of an appraisal carried out to determine vulnerability/resilience factors for children, explore how HIV/AIDS-related life events impact on these factors; identify the range of needs specific to children affected by AIDS; and to identify existing resources and potential strategies for meeting these needs. A secondary aim was to build the capacity of local NGO staff in participatory appraisal facilitation. The report also looks at lessons learned from other countries, and highlights steps that need to be taken

Orphan programming in Zambia : developing a strategy for very young children in Zambia

July 1998

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This is a report of an assessment of UNICEF's programming in Zambia for children in general and those affected by HIV/AIDS. The assessment follows the release of the report "Children on the Brink", which was a wake up call to the international development community. The report discusses current programmes and opportunities for expanded programming with government personnel, NGOs, business and private sector associations, other UN agencies and bilateral donors operating in Zambia. It also extensively reviews literature and documentation


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