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Gender-based violence [thematic section]


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The thematic section of this issue focuses on violence and gender. It presents an overview of the many types of gender-based violence (GBV), including domestic violence, rape, prostitution and female genital mutilation. Grace Osakue argues that the main reason for widespread GBV is the prevalence of patriarchal values and deeply embedded cultural attitudes in many societies. The debilitating effects for women are felt at many levels: psychological, social economic. A number of initiatives and programmes have been effective in helping to break the silence, and these include awareness raising; counselling; legal reform; social mobilisation; improving women's economic conditions and involving survivors in programming. In another article, Zubeda Dangor, reporting on Nisaa's experience of providing accommodation and counselling to abused children and women in South Africa, explores the link between violence and HIV. Finally Ehita Ikoghode-Aikpitanyi investigates girls trafficking in Nigeria, and reports on the lessons learned from the Girls' Power Initiative

Discrimination against women with disabilities

BELEZA, Maria Leonor
October 2003

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This publication highlights the difficulties that women with disabilities often encounter and includes practical information on how to improve their situation. The report analyses the underlying factors of double discrimination based on gender and disability and proposes concrete actions to achieve equality. This report would be of interest to all those concerned with the fight against discrimination throughout Europe


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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