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Call for action. Governments: take responsibility for women's health! Primary health care and women's reproductive and sexual rights : where are we today?


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This Call for Action focuses on the promises of the Alma Ata Declaration that held so much potential for improving the health of people worldwide. It looks at why the promises of the declaration were never fulfilled, and how women's sexual and reproductive rights have been integrated into the concepts of primary health care. It calls on all governments to take responsibility for the health of women

AIDS action

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Aimed at all health workers, AIDS Action provides practical information on a wide range of international HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) care and prevention issues. Including case studies and resource lists, and covering a particular theme with each issue.
This newsletter was produced by Healthlink Worldwide between 1987 and 2001. Regional editions of AIDS action are still produced by Healthlink Worldwide's partner organisations:
HAIN (English for Asia-Pacific), Website:
SAFAIDS, Southern Africa Aids Action.
Calandria, Accion en Sida.
ABIA, Brazil.
Quarterly. Note: ceased publication in 2001


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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