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Breaking the silence : violence against children with disabilities in Africa


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This report highlights violence against children with disabilities in five study African countries: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Senegal, Uganda and Zambia. The report notes that there is widespread apathy and negligence at state, local and community levels, and highlights a lack of financial and medical aid, inadequate and inaccessible state facilities and systems, and insufficient community understanding. The study report documents the negative effect this has on children with disabilities and makes a number of recommendations to help improve the situation

A common responsibility : the role of community-based child protection groups in protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation

November 2008

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This discussion paper shares Save the Children's experience of how community-based child protection groups can be effective in preventing and responding to sexual exploitation and abuse of children. It highlights the challenges the organisation has encountered, and suggests ways in which such groups can be supported to increase their effectiveness, impact and sustainability. A range of examples are included

Community action on HIV and AIDS

March 2008

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These guidelines are designed to help church leaders deal with social, cultural and economic issues related to the AIDS epidemic at community level. They contain sections on topics such as the sexual abuse of children, domestic violence, widow inheritance, and property grabbing relatives -issues that have been exacerbated in many places by the AIDS epidemic


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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