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Starting or strengthening a drug bulletin : a practical manual


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Access to independent and reliable drug information is key to the promotion of rational prescribing and use of medicines. Bulletins are essential tools for information dissemination and this manual aims to provide guidelines, tips and examples on how to start or improve drug bulletins. It covers all aspects of production, providing a comprehensive overview of the editorial process, the reviewing of new drugs and the design, production and distribution of the bulletin. The manual is an essential guide for anyone starting or running a drug bulletin, but may also be of interest to health professionals and others

Ghana national drug policy

Ministry of Health, Ghana

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This policy includes the following sections: a situational analysis of drug selection; drug procurement, storage and distribution; drug financing; quality assurance; local manufacture of pharmaceutical and traditional medicinal products; rational drug use; global trade and pharmaceuticals; emerging diseases and pharmaceuticals; human resource development for drug management; traditional medicinal products; research and development; and implementation of the policy

Drug and therapeutics committees : a practical guide

HOLLOWAY, Kathleen
GREEN, Terry

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This guide provides guidance to doctors, pharmacists, hospital managers and other professionals who may be serving on Drug and Therapeutics Committees (DTCs) and/or who are concerned with how to improve the quality and cost efficiency of therapeutic care. It is relevant for all kinds of DTCs - whether in public or private hospitals and whether at district or tertiary referral level. This manual covers a committee's functions and structure, the medicines formulary process, and how to assess new medicines. The chapters on tools to investigate drug use and strategies to promote rational use are followed by a discussion of antimicrobial resistance and infection control. The publication concludes by explaining in detail how to start a committee or improve the effectiveness of an existing one

Guidelines for price discounts of single-source pharmaceuticals

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy
et al

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These guidelines are designed to maximise the benefit of price discounts arrangements for single-source products. They are intended for policy makers and technical staff in international and bilateral agencies active in international health development support, for pharmaeutical companies and for governments and NGOs in recipient countries. It highlights a number of issues that WHO feels need to be considered when planning or negotiating offers of price discounts

How to develop and implement a national drug policy


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In this new edition guidelines are given on developing a national drug policy - a crucial ingredient in every country's national health strategy and an invaluable framework to identify national goals and commitments. This expanded and extensively revised second edition discusses key policy components. These include the selection of essential drugs, affordability , finance and supply, regulation and quality assurance, rational use, research, human resources, monitoring and evaluation.
Each chapter presents useful advice and references to other sources of more detailed technical information. A valuable resource for health professionals, policy-makers and researchers, the publication takes readers through the process of planning, developing, implementing and monitoring a comprehensive policy framework based on a country's unique needs, priorities and resources

Health and Development Initiative - India


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This website looks at issues relating to health programmes in India, in particular the popularisation of the Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse (DOTS) strategy amongst health care providers and Indian public. The site contains a variety of online resources, including training courses for health workers, conference reports, World TB Day toolkits, surveys looking at the implementation of public health policies in India, an HIV/AIDS guide, and the newsletter "TB News from India"

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This is the English language discussion group of Its objective is to support the concept of essential drugs by improving and speeding up communications among all health professionals working in the field of essential drugs. Discussions focus on topics such as rational use of drugs, drug policy, economics and financing, supply and marketing, legislation and regulation, quality assurance and safety, and training. E-drug is specifically targeted to health workers in developing countries, and is based on simple off-line e-mail technology. The site also has links to French, Spanish and Russian language discussion groups - E-MED, E-FARMACOS and E-LEK respectively, and to INDIA-DRUG, a national e-mail discussion group to foster rational use of drugs


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