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Soul City

January 2006

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The Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication (SC IHDC) is a social change project which aims to impact on society at the individual, community and socio-political levels. SC IHDC is South Africa's premier edutainment project. The webiste includes details and publications about all major Soul City projects, including evaluation reports, advocacy material and training material

Evaluation Soul City Series 6


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Relying the importance of using new methods to inform people, Soul City uses edutainment - entertainment used for educational and health promotion purposes - to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. The organisation produces a TV and a radio drama as well as print booklets. The sixth series of Soul City consisted of television drama, radio drama and print materials dealing with the issues of AIDS and children, xenophobia, asthma, depression and adult learning. This report presents the survey methodology and findings of an evaluation carried out by an external agency

Sharing and exchanging information [whole issue]

TAN, Michael L

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This issue of AIDS Action Asia-Pacific edition is themed on sharing information through different communication channels. Articles highlight project experiences using mass media, theatre, personal accounts or testimonies of people affected by HIV and AIDS, e-mail discussion lists, and community radio programming to share information and experiences both to spread the health promotion message, and to build toward better coordination among development organisations

Popular communications [whole issue]

October 2000

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The special theme section of this issue of PLA Notes examines how popular communications can be used to engage with local people and bring the views of those who are generally excluded to a broader arena for sharing and exchange. It illustrates how popular media can act as a powerful mechanism to bring policy makers and local people together and shows the potential of certain popular communications techniques (eg participatory video, theatre for development etc) for community empowerment.The issue also contains five general issues on PLA approaches and experiences

Communications and development : a practical guide


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DFID guide to development communications in three sections: background (channels of communication, rights, participation, implications to poor people and civil society); guide to implementing development communications (including forming a strategy, planning, using mass media, building capacity); guide to different media (drama/performance, mass media, ICT)


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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