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UNDP-APDIP international open source network


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IOSN is a Centre of Excellence for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in the Asia-Pacific Region, established to facilitate and network FOSS advocates in the region. The website provides useful information on FOSS, especially for governments and education institutions. The contents include an introduction to FOSS, developing-country specific issues and FOSS for education, government or network infrastructure. Training materials, other useful resources and links are also available at the website

NGO manager : management tools and information for nonprofits worldwide

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The NGO Manager website provides a selection of management tools and key articles which are available on the internet free of charge. The NGO Manager E-Library contains links to more than 300 commented publications. Covers all aspects of programme and NGO management, including organisational development, performance management, financial management, human resources, communication and marketing

How to evaluate an Internet-based information source | BIOME evaluation guidelines


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This section of the BIOME evaluation guidelines provides a step-by-step guide to evaluating information on the Internet. The steps are: follow any links to find out as much as you can about a resource; analyse the URL; examine the information within the resource; consider the accessibility, design and layout, and ease of use of the source; obtain any additional information; and compare the resource to other similar materials. Includes an explanation of what to look for within each step, and the key questions you are trying to answer. There are also some additional hints on evaluating mailing lists and Newsgroups, databases, and FTP archives. These guidelines were produced for a UK-based information service called BIOME which provides access to Internet resources in the health and life sciences, aimed at students, researchers, academics and practitioners. The guidelines are well-written and accessbile, but might require some adaptation to developing country information services or resource centres

Google groups


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Google is a powerful Internet search engine that also allows users to search, using keywords, for messages posted in newsgroups and discussion forums on the Internet. When searching for topics in newsgroups, the advanced search facility allows users to select options such as dates or newsgroups. Under a general search using keywords such as 'community-based rehabilitation' users can access all messages posted on that topic, any 'thread' (replies or messages on a similar theme), details of which discussion group the message originated from and links to relevant websites

Learning resource center (LRC) toolkit


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This comprehensive toolkit contains practical information and training materials on the technical aspects of running a resource centre. There are sections on databases, the Internet, marketing, writing grant proposals, searching for health information, computer software, and many more



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This website is dedicated to news and current awareness about HIV and AIDS. Reporting focuses on the humanitarian, political, economic, cultural and regional contexts of the HIV/AIDS crisis. Services include 'news briefs', country profiles and treatment map, and a weekly email-newsletter. The service aims to improve the flow of accurate and accessible coverage of HIV and AIDS; strengthen media advocacy; encourage the sharing of research and best practice; highlight responses from governments, civil society and international organisations, and promote the voices of those infected and affected


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Health-e is a news agency that produces news and in-depth analysis for the print and electronic media. Its particular focus is HIV/AIDS, public health and issues regarding health policy and practice in South Africa. It provides print features for newspapers and magazines and well as broadcast packages for national and community radio stations. Weekly email alerts include new articles and other interesting and topical additions to the resources pages

The Africa campaign on disability and HIV & AIDS

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The Africa Campaign is a unifying umbrella under which disabled people's organisations, organisations of people living with HIV & AIDS, non-governmental organisations, AIDS services organisations, researchers, activists, and other citizens work collectively to achieve two main objectives: a coordinated response involving persons with disabilities in African countries to achieve inclusive national HIV & AIDS policies and programmes; and equal access for persons with disabilities in Africa to information and services on HIV & AIDS. This website contains information about the campaign and key documents

Demographic and health surveys :Measure DHS

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The purpose of this website is to provide the information to support effective planning, monitoring, and evaluation of population, health, and nutrition programmes. The aim is to further understanding on global populations and health trends. The surveys conducted are designed to provide the following services: data collection and analysis; collaboration and coordination; dissemination and data use; and capacity building. This website would be useful for anyone interested in demography, health and nutrition development

Child friendly cities initiative


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This website is a knowledge base for the global Child Friendly Cities (CFC) Initiative. It contains the CFC Database, which collects information on the role played by local governance systems in the areas of child rights, child participation and services for children; a CFC toolkit, which offers a definition of a CFC, examples of good practice and successful methods from around the world, a framework for action and key references



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The purpose of this website is to present the publications of the Greek Secretariat General of Communication on issues of disability and mass media. It also provides useful, relevant information on conferences and events pertaining to disability and media

Human rights training : a manual on human rights training methodology


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The purpose of this resource is to provide training for professionals working in the field of human rights. It offers a range of techniques tailored to the specific needs of a given group. The tools include: collegial presentations; training the trainers; interactive pedagogical techniques; audience specificity; and competency-based techniques. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in programme development and human rights legislation

The concept of ‘special’ measures in international human rights law


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The purpose of this paper is to review the concept of 'special measures' with regard to the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and existing core human rights treaties. Specifically, the aim is to clarify the concept of 'measures aimed at accelerating de facto equality of persons with disabilities’ in relation to existing policies and legislation

Centre for social protection


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This website reviews, monitors and creates social protection policy designed to foster growth and development. The Centre for Social Protection aims to advance thinking and practice by: examining theoretical and applied research; providing advice to policy makers to help design policy and implement programmes; evaluate social protection interventions; deliver training courses; and share learning. This resource would be useful for anyone with an interest in policy development, advocacy and social protection

STEP : Social transformation and educational prosperity

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Social Transformation & Educational Prosperity - STEP is a small organisation working with grassroots level communities in Faisalabad and Pirmahal, slum, urban and remote rural areas to create sustainable development. STEP takes a participatory approach in all the activities that it organises. These include: education for all, vocational skills development, health activities, women's empowerment, inter-faith harmony, and agricultural development

Mother and child nutrition : mother, infant and young child nutrition and malnutrition

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"The information and links contained within this site aim to address malnutrition in the global context, offering online access to the latest worldwide developments in its prevention and management. It is hoped that a greater understanding of best practices, including new technologies and available resources, will encourage more people to tackle the intergenerational transmission of malnutrition, while also freely sharing information and experiences." The website also has a specific section for information about nutrition and malnutrition in India. It is aimed at the community at large with a section practitioners and programme managers

Sync Leadership


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This website shares information to train and empower people with disabilities. The aim is to encouragepeople with disabilities to develop advocacy strategies that will politically engage policy-makers