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The millennium development goals report 2009

July 2009

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This report looks at the progress that has been made towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals and also considers the impact that the economic downturn will have on achieving them by 2015

Social determinants of health in countries in conflict : a perspective from the Eastern Mediterranean region

WATTS, Susan
WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean

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The objectives of this review are to: assess the impact of conflict on the health of people in affected countries of the Region; document how conflict affects social determinants, and thus results in adverse health outcomes; present the results of an innovative qualitative study that captures civilian suffering and resilience in a conflict setting, through collaboration with civil society organizations; identify some examples of activities and interventions that may help to mitigate the impact of these conflicts on the health and well-being of affected populations; and identify policy implications. The study identifies three social determinants that have a bearing on health and are peculiar to a conflict setting: the loss of human rights, breaches of medical neutrality, and progression from stress to distress and disease that results from constant, unremitting exposure to a life-threatening situation. This review was requested by the Commission on the Social Determinants of Health

Measuring disability prevalence

MONT, Daniel
March 2007

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This paper opens by identifying that poverty and disability are inextricably linked. The aim of this document is to provide a concrete definition of disability and explain the significance of measuring the prevalence. The purpose is to provide a set of best practices for data collection that is internationally comparable and specific to disability. This resource would be useful to anyone with an interest in data collection/ measurement and disability and development

Poverty, equity and health research : a report on Forum 9

STEARNS, Beverly Peterson
December 2005

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This is a report on Forum 9, highlighting the key themes emerged during the discussions. Forum 9 focused on poverty, equity and health research, and their affect on access to health services, particularly in low-income countries. The report looks at the vicious cycle of poverty and ill-health, gender disparities, sexual and reproductive health, innovation and human intellectual capital, policies, priorities and resources

UN Millennium Project 2005 : who's got the power? Transforming health systems for women and children. Task Force on Child Health and Maternal Health

et al

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This report has been produced by the Task Force on Child Health and Maternal Health. It identifies technical interventions needed to address the problems of high rates of maternal mortality, continued child deaths due to preventable illnesses, unmet need for sexual and reproductive health services, and weak and fragile health systems. The report also asserts that policymakers must act now to change the fundamental societal dynamics that currently prevent those most in need from accessing quality health care

Keeping the promise : the people's response to health for all. An evaluation report of the process that led to the People's Health Assembly 2004 and the development of the People's Health Movement

et al
November 2004

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This report is the product of three years' participatory evaluation. The evaluation has looked into the preparation of the People's Health Assembly (PHA), the assembly itself and the follow up activities. It has assessed the current status of the People's Health Movement's (PHM) activities, explored ways to reinforce and enhace current accomplishments and examined approaches to strengthen and sustain monitoring mechanisms

Challenging injustice : giving voice to people's right to health. Summary report of an evaluation of the People's Health Movement

MUXI, Cecelia
November 2004

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This summary report is one output from a three-year participatory evaluation exercise that has helped to engage the People's Health Movement (PHM) leadership in an analytical learning process based on ongoing experience. The evaluation has looked into the preparation of the People's Health Assembly 2000 (PHA); the Assembly itself, and follow-up activities. The report assesses the current status of PHM activities, explores ways to reinforce and enhance current accomplishments, and examines approaches to strengthen and sustain monitoring mechanisms

Rigged rules and double standards : trade, globalisation, and the fight against power


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This report examines how the rapid growth of world trade is affecting the lives of the poor. One of its central findings is that the huge increase in wealth generated by trade under globalisation has not been matched by parallel progress in poverty reduction, or in broader progress towards human development. It advocates the need to change trade laws in order to help address global poverty, and sets out an agenda for reform


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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