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Achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment in the post-2015 framework

SMEE, Sharon
January 2013

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"To achieve real and sustainable change, the post- 2015 framework must focus on the social transformations required to eradicate poverty and empower the most marginalised and excluded people. This report argues that such transformation cannot happen without tackling the underlying causes of gender inequality which, in turn, will not be successful without the political will and resources that a standalone goal on gender equality can provide"

Report international conference : towards realisation of the millennium development goals for women and girls with a disability

February 2010

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This conference report presents the discussions, experiences and expertise exchanged on how the MDGs may be realised for women and girls with a disability and how to make sure women and girls with disabilities will benefit from the efforts made to reach the MDGs. The session presentations and workshop proceedings are provided. The discussions and workshops shared conclusions and recommendations which highlighted that women and girls with a disability need to be included in all mainstream plans and activities in order to achieve the MDG’s by 2015 and that a twin track approach is the best strategy “"Towards realisation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls with a disability" ”Amstelveen, Netherlands
2 December 2009

Innovations in supporting local health systems for global women's health : summary report of the Wye River, MD conference

PINHO, Helen de
KELLER, Elisabeth

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This report summarises the key themes emerged during the 2005 symposium on 'Innovations in Supporting Local Health Systems for Global Women's Health'. It includes the 'Wye River Call to Action for Global Women's Health', which urges changes in the priorities that shape policies and resource allocation, universal access to health care, systematic changes in the health systems, and efforts in poverty reduction and development strategies


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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