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Birth registration : right from the start

March 2002

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This Digest looks at birth registration -- a fundamental human right that opens the door to other rights, including education and health care, participation and protection. Unregistered children are often the children of the poor and excluded, such as refugees or particular indigenous groups. Lack of registration exacerbates their poverty and underscores their marginalisation. Non-registration also has serious implications for national goverments. Countries need to know how many people they have and how many there are likely to be in the future, in order to plan effectively. This Digest emphasizes the crucial importance of birth registration, explores the obstacles to universal registration and highlights the actions -- including awareness raising, legislative changes, resource allocation and capacity building -- that are needed to ensure the registration of every child

Predicting postnatal mental disorder with a screening questionnaire : a prospective cohort study from Zimbabwe

PATEL, Vikram
ACUDA, Wilson

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Post-natal mental disorders are common causes of morbidity but are rarely diagnosed or treated in busy primary care clinics in developing countries. This study aimed to determine whether a brief psychiatric screening questionnaire used in the eighth month of pregnancy could predict post-natal mental disorder. It was concluded that such a brief method of detecting women at high risk of developing a post-natal mental disorder can be used with reasonable accuracy


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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