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Better off dead? A report on maternal morbidity from the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health

May 2009

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This report makes a number of recommendations for the effective reduction of maternal morbidity. The recommendations made, in summary, are: increase political will; increase resources to sexual and reproductive health and rights; encourage equitable health care; work in partnership; improve sexual and reproductive health rights legislation and policies; make governments accountable

Globalisation and privatisation : the impact on childcare policy and practice

January 2006

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This paper explores the impact of globalisation and neo-liberalism policies on child care provision, with a special focus on Belgium. It provides an overview of the historical context, and shows how even in Belgium social democratic welfare state globalisation has stimulated privatisation and decentralisation of services, and forced parents to take direct responsibility for the care of their children. The paper suggests that policy makers need to balance competing demands: government responsibility versus autonomy; standardisation versus diversity; inclusion versus exclusion

Learning your rights : unique tool that brings human rights to life


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This information pack provides tools for actively pursuing human rights. It contains precise steps to raise awareness of human rights in any community. Additionally it includes a DVD of 30 public service messages illustrating each of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The DVD also features the award-winning UNITED music video - a five minute film conveying the power of human rights awareness. The 'What Are Human Rights' booklet is also included in the information package bringing the Declaration to life and making each of the rights easy to understand. This information package can be ordered directly from the website and is useful for people in development pursuing a human rights approach

Politics of health knowledge network


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An interactive website that presents accessible research and credible resources related to health, development and social justice. Each topic, such as HIV/AIDS for example, can be looked at from a range of perspectives: introductory information; talking points and data, analysis and policy studies; case studies and people's stories; positive alternatives and organised action. There is also a reference section and an invitation to contribute

Cowboy diplomacy : how the US undermines international environmental, human rights, disarmament and health agreements


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This document describes the USA's tendency to play a major role in shaping treaties, and then not sign them, or sign and then ignore its obligations. Examples include the Kyoto Protocol, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Landmine Ban Treaty, and the verification protocol to the Biological Weapons Convention. This threatens international law and cooperation, the environment, human rights and public health. The report covers several examples in detail, and the implications this has for the negotiations around the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)

People's Health Movement [whole issue]


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This special issue profiles the People's Health Movement. Discusses the roots of the movement in the Alma Ata 'Health For All' declaration, and reports on some of the diverse activities of the grass-roots organisations following the People's Health Assembly and the promotion of the People's Health Charter. Includes a case study of a child health and nutrition initiative in Tamil Nadu, movement activities in Italy and East Africa, and analysis of the way poverty is challenging the WHO agenda

Third world resurgence

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Aims to give a Third World perspective to the whole range of issues confronting the Third World, such as, the environment, health and basic needs, international affairs, politics, economics and culture, etc
Nine times a year
Free online
Developed Countries (Institutions): 60:00 USD Airmail / 45.00 USD surface mail
Developed Countries (Individuals): 45.00 USD Airmail / 30.00 USD surface mail
Third World Individuals and Groups: 35.00 USD Airmail / 20.00 USD surface mail

Health and human rights|an international journal

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Explores the reciprocal influences of health and human rights, including the impact of public health programmes and policies on human rights, the health consequences of human rights violations, the importance of health for the realisation of human rights, and the ways in which promotion of human rights can be incorporated as an integral part of public health strategies
Two times a year
Free online

Health action

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Provides a forum for exchange of experiences in implementing programmes in primary health care and related fields. Health Action is the newsletter of the Healthlink Worldwide programme, Information for District Health Action (IDHA)
Four issues are available online


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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