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Persons with disability : study commissioned by the Corporate Planning Unit of the City of Joburg as a component of the human development agenda


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The aim of this research is to highlight problems with, and identify gaps in, the human development agenda as they relate to persons with disability in the City of Johannesburg. The research report also gives an overview of the methodologies applied.
The report is useful for organisations and persons who want to learn more about the situation of disabled persons in Johannesburg. Also it is of interest for researchers and organisations that are developing research methodology and policy

Direct payments schemes for people with disabilities


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This report outlines the possible effects of direct payment schemes for disabled people. Direct payments essentially involve relevant statutory agencies giving cash to people with disabilities to purchase their own support services directly. They are designed to offer individuals with a disability significant choice and control over the type of service wanted and/or needed and so to enhance independence and autonomy. Direct payments primarily relate to the delivery of community care services, but employment supports and housing grants are also relevant and suitable to a direct payments system. The concept of direct payments developed against a background of creative tension between the medical and the social models of disability


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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