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Victim assistance issue briefs : how to ensure mine/ERW survivors benefit from and participate in disability-inclusive development


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Following on from the Way Forward Paper, this paper is a set of three issue briefs proposing specific efforts and recommendations for informing and influencing policy to ensure mine and explosive remnants of war survivors participate in, and benefit from, disability-inclusive development. The three topics are locating and identifying survivors, improving access to services, and measuring progress on the implementation of victim assistance

Enabling Australia : inquiry into the migration treatment of disability

June 2010

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This report examines the assessment of health and community costs associated with a disability as part of the health test undertaken for Australia visa processing. It highlights the current approach and provides recommendations for improvement. Case studies and tables are provided. This report is useful for people interested in the migration treatment of disability in Australia

A handbook on best practices regarding HIV and AIDS for people with disabilities : services, policy advocacy, programming

NDUTA, Sarah
et al
November 2009

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This handbook aims to further increase awareness of HIV and AIDS for people with disabilities, to share knowledge and to provide examples of best practices. It also examines the impact of the AIDS epidemic on people with disabilities and advocates inclusion of people with disabilities to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. The handbook is divided into four chapters, each addressing a specific topic in reference to best practices for Disability and HIV and AIDS. Case studies are provided for each topic. The categories of disabilities covered in the handbook are the deaf, visually impaired, physically and intellectually challenged. This handbook is useful for organisations, policy makers, disabled people's organisations and donors interested in Disability and HIV and AIDS

Know your rights : a summary of disability rights, services and benefits in the United Kingdom


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This report highlights the rights of disabled people in the United Kingdom, as outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995. It provides information about what disabled people can expect from the law, services available and examples of how to exercise their rights in the everyday life e.g. to health care, social care, education, work, housing, transport, voting and benefits. It would be useful for disabled people in the UK

Disability review 2008


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This report is based upon a survey of 1,000 disabled people’s views and experiences of everyday issues around the UK. The findings highlight various issues including income, education, employment, health and social services, housing, transport and access to goods and services. This report provides an indicator of the impact of government policies on the lives and experiences of disabled people in the UK

Outreach and partnerships


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Accessibility does not lead automatically to an inclusive society. Disabled people must be involved in all activities. This guide gives museums and libraries some ideas on how they can improve their outreach to disabled people. Although it has been produced for the UK, it is also relevant for other countries

Employment at every level

DELIN, Annie

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Museums and libraries have to be enabled to employ disabled people. This guidebook gives employers some ideas on how to include disabled people in their human resources. Although it has been produced for the UK, it is also relevant for other countries

Model national personal assistance policy


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Social policy is often characterised by legislation and administration hindering people who depend on it to benefit from it. This paper suggests we recognise the right of disabled people to have the power of decision. The concept of direct payments can help to provide better quality services which are person-centred and which help to eliminate monopolies in the field of social work

Disability in context

DELIN, Annie

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This leaflet introduces the series Resource Disability Portfolio for libraries, archives and museums. It summarises the major aspects of the series. Although it is produced for the UK, it is also relevant for other countries

Training for equality


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This brochure explains the major point of equality training for staff who work in museums and libraries. Although this brochure was produced for the UK it would also be very useful for people outside the UK

Disability insurance in a multi-pillar framework

DE JONG, Philippe

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This paper draws attention to the fact that disability insurance needs to broaden its focus and cover more people than just the person with impairment. Many other people, including family members and friends, may have to make practical, financial and psychological adjustments to support the person with impairment.
This paper sees disability insurance as a multidimensional and complex system that should include governmental, private and social insurance aspects

Using a home care agency : a question and answer guide for disabled people


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These guidelines, produced by the Gateshead Personal Assistance Pilot Project, provide considerations for disabled people when looking for home care services. Different aspects are mentioned such as how to find an agency, administrative work and staff management.
Although this guide has been written for the situation in the UK, it also gives a more general overview of home care for disabled people


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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