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Disability issues in East Asia : review and ways forward

May 2004

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This paper provides "the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific region with information and insights necessary for improving a focus on disability in its activities. There are two major parts to this paper. The first part reviews disability related issues in the region by describing (1) the prevalence of disability and related issues; (2) major issues and challenges confronting persons with disabilities; and (3) good practices, innovative approaches, and effective organizations in the region working to meet the needs of persons with disabilities. The second part reviews the Bank’s regional level activities through examining project portfolios and AAA products, as well as through interviews with Sector managers and staff members. Based on this review, the paper recommends ways to include disability issues at the regional and sector levels"

AIDS in China : an annotated chronology 1985-2003

SETTLE, Edmund

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This publication compiles Chinese and international open source information since China's first reported AIDS case in 1985. The objective of the report is to increase overall awareness and provide a historical foundation to China's HIV crisis among policy makers, international organisations, professional stakeholders and the general population


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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