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Towards sustainability of the physical rehabilitation sector through sector development within broader health systems

URSEAU, Isabelle
BOGGS, Dorothy
November 2013

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This brief is a summary of Handicap International’s Sustainability of physical rehabilitation initiatives. To date these include a four year study, a participatory methodology, an international seminar and ongoing trainings, workshops and monitoring results, all of which exhibit our knowledge management cycle

PG Brief No 8

Prehospital trauma care systems

et al

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This manual provides guidance for policymakers on the issue of prehospital trauma care systems. The main areas covered include the organisation of the prehospital trauma care system, capacity development, data collection, transportation and communication, as well as ethical and legal considerations

Ensuring equitable access to antiretroviral treatment for women : WHO/UNAIDS policy statement


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This policy brief identifies actions needed to address the gender dimensions of equity in access to ART. It identifies four key areas: development of a supportive policy environment; strengthening health systems to make them more responsive to the specific needs of women and men; promotion of programmes that overcome obstacles to equitable access; development of benchmarks and indicators to measure progress. This brief addresses each area in turn

Future health systems : innovations for equity

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This is the website of the Future Health Systems consortium, which aims to ensure real health gains for the poor, through research and partnership that informs and influences the health systems of the future. Research themes include; the policy process, maternal health, primary health care, health markets, chronic illness and health and social protection; and there is a particular focus on Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Nigeria and Uganda


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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