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Policy briefs as a communication tool for development research

JONES, Nicola
May 2008

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There has been little systematic research in the development field about the communication needs of developing country policy-makers and how such research can be used to inform policy brief content and design. This background note looks at the research communication environment involving researchers, policy-makers and development practitioners from the North and South in science, technology and innovation

International agreement on the rights of disabled people : easyread version

November 2007

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This easy-to-read version of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a practical, accessible and easily translated version of the official document. Illustrations are provided to further understanding of the CRPD. The purpose of the document is to ensure that the human rights and freedoms of disabled persons are promoted, protected and understood by all. This version would be useful for anyone who may have difficulties understanding the original text; for example, those with cognitive disabilities or those whose first language is not English

Measuring private sector corruption

September 2007

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This paper looks at the role of donors in curtailing corrupt behaviour in the private sector, such as commercial bribery - particularly in developing and emerging countries where the sector is growing in importance

Participatory learning and action : Ethiopia project shows how a participatory process with youth can help shape national policy

RULAND, Claudia Dailander
March 2003

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Documents the use of the participatory learning and action (PLA) approach used by the Ethiopian Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture to plan its program to mobilize Ethiopian youth for improved sexual and reproductive health. The youth developed a national youth charter and a three-year action plan. The process also lead to the development of a dynamic network of young people committed to the health and future of the country

Gender sensitivity checklist

BUNCH, Megan M

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This checklist has been compiled to provide individuals involved in HIV and AIDS prevention programmes and policies with a tool to assess whether their work is sensitive to the needs of women, men, girls, and boys. The checklist can be used in the development and/or implementation of an HIV and AIDS prevention programme or policy. In addition, the checklist can be used to assess the gender sensitivity of organisations that implement such programmes and policies. It would be useful to programme and policy developers and health trainers

Disability principles

The Disability Alliance
October 1997

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"This booklet contains three documents which relate to the meeting held between the Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation and the Disability Alliance on 22nd November, 1975"
Editor's Note: This unabridged version was electronically scanned and reformatted from the original document by Mark Priestley, in consultation with Vic Finkelstein and Ken Davis


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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