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Count me in - Include people with disabilities in development projects | A practical guide for organisations in the North and South

BRUIJN, Paulien
et al
November 2012

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"People with disabilities are often amongst the poorest in the developing world. Yet they are usually left out of development projects. This is not because of ill-will. Development organisations simply do not know how to include them. This book offers suggestions based on the experience of organisations that participated in a two-year learning programme. It is full of useful tips on how to launch inclusive programmes and projects, how to prepare your staff for working with people with disabilities and how to adapt your organisational processes and systems"

Available in Braille, high resolution, low resolution and word formats.
Available in Portuguese: "Inclusão de pessoas com deficiência nos projectos de desenvolvimento: Um guia prático para organizações do Norte e do Sul".
Available in French: "Tiens compte de moi - L'inclusion de personnes en situation de handicap dans les projets de développement"
Available in Spanish: "Cuenta conmigo - Incluir a las personas con discapacidad en los proyectos de desarrollo"

Inclusive education

CORPS, Hannah
September 2012

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This policy brief provides an overview of Handicap International’s 2012 policy paper on inclusive education which explains Handicap International’s current work on inclusive education and offers perspectives for the period 2011-2015
PP Brief No 8

Inclusive education (background paper)

CORPS, Hannah
July 2012

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"This policy paper explains Handicap International’s current work on inclusive education and offers perspectives for the period 2011-2015. The primary aim is to provide readers with a deeper understanding of the topic and sufficient knowledge to undertake concrete, positive actions towards inclusion. This policy paper draws upon Handicap International’s experience in the field of education since 1998 and prior to that, its experience of working with former development partner Action Nord Sud (ANS) 2. It takes into account the outcomes of baseline field assessments, meetings with partners and donors, feedback from educational professionals, decision-makers and policymakers, and importantly, the views of children with disabilities and their families"
PP No 8

Capacity development in disability and development for CLMV government officers

June 2010

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This is a completion report of a disability project which started from July 2007 to June 2010 with the objective of enhancing the capacities of government officers engaged in disability issues to analyse, formulate and implement policies and programmes in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV countries). This project report reviews and summarises FASID’s activities and achievements

Strenthening service accountability and community participation in health sector reforms

MURTHY, Ranjani K
July 2005

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This policy brief focuses on the need for community participation in the design of policies, legislation and the allocation of budgets as well as the more expected areas of health programme management and service delivery. It is based on a review of community participation and sexual and reproductive health service accountability in World Bank-supported health sector reforms in Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean

Supporting national HIV/AIDS responses : an implementation approach


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This paper presents key principles and checklists for implementing a national response to HIV and AIDS, and especially for operationalising National Strategic Frameworks. It highlights the need for multi-sectoral planning and action, and for "transformative methodologies" to broaden understanding of the epidemic in terms of individual behaviours as well as collective culture and norms. It is primarily intended for use by national HIV/AIDS coordination and management bodies responsible for strategic planning and management of national HIV/AIDS responses, and uses language that may be difficult for others to follow. It places the concept of mainstreaming within the context of a national response. The final section addresses the role of National AIDS Councils and Commissions in monitoring and evaluation and information management of the national response

Advocacy tools and guidelines : promoting policy change


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This manual provides "a step by step guide for planning advocacy initiatives, as well as advice for successful implementation. They are intended for country office program managers who wish to include advocacy in their programs. These guidelines will help you to: Learn about advocacy concepts and advocacy vocabulary; Analyze policies that lie at the root of poverty and discrimination; See how advocacy can help you increase your impact; Devise a strategy to achieve your advocacy aims; Acquire essential skills to help you become an effective advocate"

Mainstreaming the policy and programming response to the HIV epidemic

COHEN, Desmond

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This paper describes UNDP's HIV and Development programme's experiences with mainstreaming HIV. It calls for a more complex understanding of the epidemic; a capacity for improved design of programmes and projects through new processes which are socially inclusive; and new and different and more participatory systems for implementing programme responses. It presents lessons learned from UNDP's work on mainstreaming HIV, as well as recommendations for future work in this area

KIT portal governance & HIV and AIDS

Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

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This portal provides access to free, full-text electronic publications and other Internet sources on the mechanisms of interaction through which HIV and AIDS policies and strategies are developed, implemented, monitored and evaluated at different levels involving both public and private parties. It is aimed at researchers, policymakers and practitioners who are involved in HIV and AIDS responses and interventions

Toolbox of disability and poverty reduction strategies


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This strategy toolbox highlights the importance of including disability in poverty reduction strategies. The toolbox contains introductory information, tools and guides for inclusion, examples of good practice, links to additional resources and links to field projects. This toolbox is useful for people who are interested in disability and poverty reduction strategies


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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