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AIDS, poverty reduction and debt relief : a toolkit for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS programmes into development instruments

ADEYI, Olusoji
et al
March 2001

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This toolkit adds to the knowledge base to support analysts and decision-makers in their work to mainstream HIV/AIDS as a major item on countries' development agenda, and mobilize the resources needed to expand promising interventions and approaches in the fight against the epidemic. The toolkit offers a unifying framework for analysing HIV/AIDS in the context of PRSPs, as well as examples of how the issue has been treated in the first generation of PRSPs, interim PRSPs and debt relief agreements. It gives country officials and their partners highly relevant information that they can use in developing inputs for similar documents in their own countries. [adapted from Foreword]

Policy Paper on psychosocial interventions in Lebanon


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"This document is a policy paper that presents a design for a national plan on psychosocial interventions. It aims to develop and promote the national plan established during the July 06 war, as well as at building on the results and recommendations of psychosocial needs assessments carried out so far. It also aims to provide a tool to help develop a more comprehensive and inherent psychosocial model"


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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