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The World Bank and disability


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The World Bank's disability website provides links to information about its disability related activities. It includes online documents produced by the World Bank and other key international agencies, classified under a range of topics including education, community-based rehabilitation, disability and conflict, disability and HIV/AIDS, gender, rural development, etc. It contains links to related websites, including UNESCO's inclusive education programme, the World Health Organization's social change and mental health programme.

Human development report : statistics


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The UNDP holds a comprehensive database about different areas relevant to describing the development of a country. This database includes indicators such as literacy, average age of death, child mortality etc and is relevant for all researchers and NGOs

Improving transport access and mobility for people with disabilities in the developing world

et al

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This paper is based on a three-year research programme undertaken in India, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa. It examines the links between disability, poverty and mobility; mobility and access needs; current international accessibility practices; and the demonstration projects themselves. It concludes with a progressive framework describing the basic transition that has been observed in transition and developing countries with regard to the development of responses to access and mobility needs of passengers with disabilities

Development gateway


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The Development Gateway portal provides a space for communities to share experiences on development efforts. The portal supports the Development Gateway Foundation's knowledge-sharing efforts through services such as an online directory for information on development projects (AiDA), an electronic procurement market (dgMarket), information on major development topics (Topic Pages), and links to a growing network of country-level initiatives (Country Gateways). By offering users virtual interactive communities centered on development issues, the portal's Topic Pages encourage knowledge-sharing and help improve collaboration among development practitioners. Expert guides and global topic advisors work with their communities to highlight the most relevant and useful resources available on the Internet. The topic pages enable you to share knowledge and locate resources on a variety of development topics; build a community of experience around development topics through individual member contributions; receive free email alerts and newsletters; and make connections with thousands of registered users

Interpreting the physical environment for deafblind people

KIRK, Tony

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This article focuses on adaptations to the environment that can enable a deafblind person to function more effectively. The aim is to offer guidelines which will enable the person to be more self sufficient. The author also describes how to make the environment supportive of disabilities rather than providing barriers

Diminishing natural resources mean that population growth is the major global public health problem of the 21st century

SATHYANARAYANA, Tamysetty Narayana

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This paper advocates for the development of strategies to address water conservation, waste water treatment and use, efficient use of land, proper environmental policies to preserve and sustain water quality, air quality, soil and biological resources and slow migration from dependence on fossil fuel to self sustaining solar energy, because as the population increases, the limitations of natural resources would pose pandemic health challenges

Inclusion and diversity


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This area of the CABE website provides information about creating accessible and inclusive built environments. There are links to documents, as well as specific information tabs about inclusive design and inclusive design in practice. This information would be useful for people interested in inclusive built environments and design

The right to water


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This website provides information on relevant policy issues and explains the concepts and theories of human rights law with respect to the right to water, in addition to promoting the use of the right to water as a tool for community empowerment, advocacy and legal issues. The website contains helpful links to related documents and websites. It would be useful for people interested in learning about the human right to water

Independent expert on the issue of human rights obligations related to access to safe drinking water and sanitation


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This website provides information about human rights related to access to safe drinking water and sanitation. An overview of the rights to water and sanitation is highlighted, as well as the latest news and missions. Good practices, the issues in focus, related links and feature stories are given. This website is useful for people interested in human rights to water and sanitation

Environment and urbanization

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Drum beat

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