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Integrating gender into HIV/AIDS programmes in the health sector : tool to improve responsiveness to women’s needs

AMIN, Avni
et al

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The purpose of this operational tool is to: raise awareness of how gender inequalities affect women’s access to and experience of HIV and AIDS programmes and services; and offer practical actions on how to address or integrate gender into specific types of HIV and AIDS programmes and services. The vulnerability of women, their risk of HIV infection and the impact of the epidemic on them are heightened by many factors, including: the low status accorded to women in many societies, their lack of rights, their lack of access to and control over economic resources, the violence perpetrated against them, the norms related to women’s sexuality, and women’s lack of access to information about HIV. This tool is primary aimed at primarily programme managers and health-care providers involved in setting up, implementing or evaluating HIV and AIDS programmes

Living with 'X': a body mapping journey in the time of HIV and AIDS|Facilitator's guide


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This is a manual for implementing coping strategies for people living with HIV and AIDS, through creating a relationship between art and the patient's body, leading to greater understand of the effects of the disease and stimulating creative responses to it. The methods detailed allow participants a means of expressing themselves non-verbally at first with an aim of building their confidence and sense of self-worth enough to allow them to vocalise their hopes and fears. The approach is implemented through group-work, it helps to build local psychosocial support networks

Starting to do memory work : a guide to the stages of implementation

WARD, Nicola

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This brief guide is based on the experience of the National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (NACWOLA) and initial experiences of the International Memory Project. It will be useful for non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations interested in starting memory work


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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