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HIV/AIDS : partnerships for care [whole issue]

January 2004

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This issue of CHIN News was published for the World Social Forum. It includes articles by people living with HIV and AIDS, and examines the issues of access to treatment and stigma

Challenging stigma and discrimination [whole issue]


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This issue looks at what is meant by stigma and discrimination and some of the causes of the high levels of stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS. It includes examples of programmes and activities that have successfully helped challenge and overcome stigma and discrimination at an institutional level (in the workplace and health institutions) and at a social and community level. Supporting efforts to protect human rights is another important way of reducing stigma, which also means changing discriminatory policies and legislation. This issue looks at advocacy as an important tool to bring about such change

ICW newsletter

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In ICW News, HIV positive women around the world share their personal stories, connect across national boundaries and share information. The newsletter reports on important developments around HIV/AIDS at national and international levels.
Three times a year
Print: free to women living with HIV who are unable to afford subscription
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ICW also produce an e-newsletter twice a year


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