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Expanding universal design process : Thailand

June 2015

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This issue of the Design for All Institute of India’s monthly newsletter higlights universal design process in Thailand. A range of topics are discussed, such as, universal design, related research, accessibility in places of worship and classrooms, and individual perspectives on accessibility from a wheelchair-user and a person with a visual impairment

Vol 10, No 6

Who’s on my side?

Parents For Inclusion UK
March 2013

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“"This film features disabled children and young people, their siblings and family members talking about why allies are important. They also talk about the support they get, the support they want and what changes need to be made in education, health and social care services so that they can have real choice and control. It is useful for anyone interested in inclusive education"

Minds that matter : report on the consultation on human rights, mental health and addictions


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"Minds that Matter reports the findings from the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s (OHRC) province-wide consultation on the human rights issues experienced by people with mental health disabilities or addictions. It provides a summary of what we heard from more than 1,500 individuals and organizations across Ontario. Many people with mental health issues or addictions don’t know they have a legal right to be free from discrimination under the Ontario Human Rights Code"

Paying stories of impairment - parasitic or ethical?|Reflections undertaking anthropological research in post-conflict Sierra Leone

December 2011

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This article presents ethnographic research in Sierra Leone with people with disabilities. The author explores challenges faced with the research and the importance of engaging in more reciprocal and collaborative communal research using a social model of disability framework to try and access discourses
Journal of Disability Research, Vol 3, No 4

Global development voices : living with a disability

December 2011

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This article is part of the Global development voices series. It features discussions from14 people living with disabilities where they highlight the challenges they face in their respective countries in terms of access to education, healthcare and employment, and in relation to their social lives and relationships. Related links are also provided to The World Report on Disability, key data on disability globally and debates about the issues

Adolescence : beyond the stereotypes


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This report highlights the state of the world from a young perspective by reflecting on adolescents’ experiences and providing insights into their lives. The report contains essays and messages written by adolescents highlighting the impact of racial and other discriminations. This resource is useful for people interested in adolescents’ perspectives of the world

CBR stories from Africa : what can they teach us?


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"Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is an evolving concept. Its effectiveness depends on continuous reflection, debate and learning. This book aims to facilitate this process through the stories of five CBR programmes in Africa, told by those involved with the programmes and reflected on with honesty...Each of the five programmes has been invited to document their work, describing how its programme started and assessing the effectiveness of the approach it has chosen. They were asked to identify their successes and challenges, and to reflect on how difficulties are being overcome. Life stories illustrate the impact each approach can have on individual lives. The book offers itself as a reflective tool, to be used by practitioners. Each chapter asks specific questions of its readers, inviting them to draw comparisons with their own programme. The concluding section of the book outlines ideas for evaluating and developing their CBR programmes"

Perceptions and practice : an anthology of impact assessment experiences

NORRISH, Patricia

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This book presents eleven case studies of impact assessment in information and communication projects such as CATIA, Reflect's ICT projects in India, Tearfund's Footsteps project, Bernard van Leer Foundation's Effectiveness Initiative and others. Each case study begins with a summary of the study, followed by first-hand accounts of the key people involved in each assessment. The central issues raised by the studies include learning and accountability, attribution, context, communication, donor issues, resources, and planning. The case studies are bracketted by sensitive and analytical introductory and concluding chapters, which synthesize the practitioners' voices from the case studies, contextualise them in wider debates in development impact assessment, evaluation and learning

Zip zip my brain harts

et al

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This book contains photographs by Angela Buckland interspersed with text by researchers interested in disability issues. Its aim is to..."increase public awareness of the needs and human rights of disabled people and their families"

Inside voices : CBR workers stories


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This book is an output from three CBR writing workshops held in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi with the aim to facilitate the capacity of CBR workers to communicate their experiences thus increasing documentation of CBR practices in Africa. The book contains articles based on participants’ experience of CBR and is useful to anyone interested in CBR experiences in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi

Positive voices : religious leaders living with or personally affected by HIV and AIDS

October 2005

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Churches and other faiths have often reacted with uneasiness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and at times even reinforced stigma, denial and discrimination. This booklet, through the voices and experiences of 12 religious leaders, Christian and Muslim, attempts to 'break the silence' and to show that the acceptance of the experience of the disease can enhance communities' religious and spiritual life. This document is aimed primarily at church leaders, faith-based NGOs, national and international religious networks, but can also be useful to those who want to explore the issue of HIV/AIDS and its impact on faith communities

Rights passages from 'near death' to 'new life' : AIDS activism and treatment testimonies in South Africa

ROBINS, Steven
October 2005

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This paper investigates how the moral politics of AIDS activism in South Africa are contributing towards new forms of biological/health citizenship that are concerned with both rights-based struggles and creating collectively shared meanings of the extreme experiences of illness and stigmatisation of individuals living with AIDS. The paper argues that it is precisely the extremity of 'near death' experiences of full blown AIDS, and the profound stigma and 'social death' associated with the later stages of the disease that produce the conditions for AIDS survivors commitment to 'new life' and social activism. It is the activist mediation and re-telling of these traumatic experiences that facilitates AIDS activist commitment and grassroots mobilisation. It is the profound negativity of stigma and social death that animates the activist's construction of a new positive HIV-positive identity and understanding of what it means to be a citizen-activist and member of a social movement

Advocacy for HIV/AIDS [whole issue]

April 2005

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This issue highlights the situation of HIV/AIDS in India, the need for advocacy and advocating comprehensive strategies, and also brings the glimpses of the workshop on HIV/AIDS. An additional feature is the personal accounts by people living with HIV, and the trauma they underwent, the process of their empowerment to face the situation with confidence

Moving forward : a report on pioneering responses to children affected by HIV/AIDS in Andhra Pradesh, India

March 2004

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Since 2000, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and its country office in India has worked in three states in India to establish and support three Lead Partners, including Vasavya Mahila Mandali (VMM), and 37 implementing NGOs to carry out a pioneering programme of home and community-based care and support for children affected by HIV/AIDS and their families. In this report, VMM draws on its work to identify gaps in existing services and propose effective initiatives, policies and examples of good practice for dealing with the issues that children face when they are affected by HIV/AIDS

Facing the abyss : the isolation of Sheikh Sa'ad village - before and after the separation barrier

LEIN, Yehezkel
February 2004

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Discusses Israel's infringement of the right to freedom of movement of residents of the Palestinian village Sheikh Sa'ad and its severe consequences on their right to work, to health, and to education. Also describes the hardships suffered by residents as a result of Israel's siege on the village. The report warns against further human rights violations that would result if the government implements its decision to build a separation barrier between the village and East Jerusalem. The report also includes the official responses to the report of the Israel Defence Force, the Israel Police Force (Jerusalem District) and the Municipality of Jerusalem

Guidelines for counselling men who have sex with men

January 2004

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This booklet advises counsellors on how to work with men who have sex with men. It addresses the terminology and attitudes around men who have sex with men in many African cultures and dispells some myths. It advises counsellors on the skills and attitudes that are appropriate when counselling men who have sex with men. It describes what sexual activities these men might engage in and why, and the levels of STI risk associated with them. Finally, it addresses how counsellors can help men who have sex with men cope with emotions and challenges they face; help them avoid HIV infection or re-infection; and live positive and healthy lives with HIV

Rights of the girl child [whole issue]

January 2004

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This issue of CHIN News focuses on the survival rights of girls, gender discrimination in India, the social and health implications of discrimnation, and strategies for action to address this issue

Moments in time : HIV/AIDS advocacy stories

July 2003

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This advocacy manual highlights some advocacy moments, as told by those who are engaged in advocacy work around the world. It offers a tapestry of stories as a practical resource for advocacy training, reflective learning and strategic planning. It begins a process of documenting HIV/AIDS policy advocacy stories as a means of preserving them and making them available to others

Fatally flawed : cluster bombs and their use by the United States in Afghanistan

December 2002

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This report investigates the use of cluster bombs in Afghanistan, by the United States. This work argues that despite advances that have improved the accuracy and targeting of cluster bombs they still predominantly and unjustly impact civilians. This report also examines the after effect of cluster munitions and offers a set of legislative recommendations



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