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Developing pharmacy practice : a focus on patient care

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This handbook outlines the role of pharmacists in the context of greater availability of a complex range of medicines and suggests good pharmacy practices. Effective pharmaceutical care entails a patient-centred approach that should encourage adherence to prescribed medicines, through a close relationship between patient and pharmacist and follow-up on health outcomes. 'Adherence to long-term therapy for chronic conditions in developed countries averages 50%, with even lower rates for developing countries'. The handbook looks at pharmacists and patient care both from a policy and from a practical perspective

Community Eye Health : an international journal to promote eye health worldwide : issues 25-42 1998-2002


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This CD-ROM contains back issues of the Journal of Community Eye Health, a continuing education resource for eye health workers in developing countries. Each issue has an editorial, review articles and updates on a specific theme as well as reports, abstracts, letters and reviews on other themes. The Journal supports the WHO-led Vision 2020 programme through the dissemination of up-to-date information about the priority diseases and strategies identified by Vision 2020. Back issues are also available through the ICEH website


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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