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Nutrition country profiles 2003


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Worldwide, there is growing interest in food and nutrition monitoring information systems. FAO's Nutrition Country Profiles (NCP) offer a valuable tool for guiding and monitoring progress towards the achievement of food security and nutritional well-being. The NCP provide concise reviews describing the food and nutrition situation in individual countries, with background statistics on food-related factors such as agricultural production and selected economic and demographic indicators. [Abstract courtesy of CAB International]

Nutrition surveillance in the Sudan : a community-based approach

ALAWIA EL AMIN, Mohammed Ahmed
IGABLA, A Mageed Ahmed

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In 1992, a pilot project for collecting information on the socio-economic and nutritional status of children and their mothers as part of the early warning system was implemented in two villages in Kassala Province, Sudan. The objectives were to test the feasibility of local participation in socio-economic and nutritional data collection, analysis and utilisation; to incorporate socio-economic data into the food and nutrition information system, and examine its usefulness in early warning. The pilot project also included the introduction of new parameters such as adult anthropometry, i.e. body mass index of the mothers of the children seen, to monitor the nutritional status of both children and their mothers at the same time. This led to very interesting results which played a major role in determining the type of intervention needed

The Worldwide magnitude of protein-energy malnutrition : an overview from the WHO Global Database on Child Growth

et al

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Using the WHO Global Database on Child Growth (covers 87% of the total population of under-5-year olds in developing countries), the worldwide distribution of protein-energy malnutrition is described based on nationally representative cross-sectional data gathered between 1980 and 1992 in 79 developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania


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