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Building capacity through financial management : a practical guide

August 2007

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“This guide provides an overview of financial management and the practical tools that can help build the financial capacity of non-profit organisations. Using case studies to demonstrate good practice, it offers practical advice in how to work with a partner organisation to build financial capacity. Intended for managers and trustees of non-profit organisations, the guide provides tools and techniques for using financial skills to improve organisational and programme management. enabling them to build their own financial systems. It is also of use to those assessing another organisation's financial capacity”

Practitioner’s guide : strengthening civil society organisations in good governance processes : principles and general procedures

January 2007

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A critical focus of development projects in countries transitioning to democracy has become the strengthening of civil society.  Providing an effective capacity building training programme necessarily begins with a thorough and reliable identification of the potentials, weaknesses and needs of local civil society entities. The method detailed in this section of the guide proposes a seven step process to help civil society organisations improve their governance processes. Compared to many other civil society programmes, it takes a wide view of civil society, working with more than just formally registered NGOs. It focuses on certain functions that civil society groups can perform in a good governance system rather than their legal forms. In addition there is brief guidance on the method, advice on the purpose of the method and who should use it, and a two examples to help users of the method

Note: The full guide is available to download from the link above

Partnership guide : a practical guide to be used by partners from the north and the south


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“This guide was developed to accompany workshops held by French NGOs and their southern and eastern partners in the early 2000s. It illustrates the lessons learnt as a result of the exchanges between the NGOs that participated in the process. The guide provides reflective comments and useful methodological tools that may help improve partnership practices in three areas: partnership strategy development, capacity building in partnerships and the contractualisation process”


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Provides information on the UN's work in development and health, on UN-NGO cooperation, and the activities of NGOs and their participation in the work of the UN
2-3 times a year
Free online

Alliance (@lliance)|for philanthropy and social investment worldwide

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A magazine about philanthropy and social investment, and covers a range of issues relating to NGOs' work, organisational development, and donors. Each issue includes a major feature providing coverage and different perspectives on a key topic
Four times a year
Print: 89.00 GBP / 45.00 GBP to anyone living outside the World Bank high income countries
Online: 35.00 GBP|a gateway for capacity development

Expand view is published quarterly in English, French and Spanish with an accompanying web magazine ( and email newsletter. Each issue focuses on a specific theme relevant to capacity development in international cooperation, with articles, interviews and a guest column, and annotated links to related web resources, publications and events.
Three times a year

Voices from Africa

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Contains articles on grass-roots development by member NGOs in various African countries. No longer published but archive is online


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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