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Community problem-solving : strategy for a changing world

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This is a learning space for people and organisations from the public, not-for-profit and private sectors which offers information to support problem solving when working in a multi-stakeholder group. The site contains strategy tools, to help approach issues and work with other stakeholders more effectively, and programme tools, for responding to specific, substantive problems by learning what works and what does not work in a given area (e.g. housing, health, education, etc.)

Sustaining ability

International Centre for Evidence on Disability (ICED)

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This website enables interested individuals to learn more about sustainability and the Sustainability Analysis Process (SAP) through new and up-to-date technical information and practical case studies. The SAP is a coordinated participatory planning approach that facilitates the development of a common vision of sustainability among various actors in a system by outlining how to achieve a consensus on a common vision and how to define sustainability indicators using the six components of the Sustainability Framework. Resource links are provided to the SAP methodological guide, rehabilitation and health system case study reports, workshop facilitator guides, videos and related organisations


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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