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Streams of knowledge toolbox : 10. Quality assurance


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This guide is intended to help resource centres associated with the STREAM project to develop their quality assurance processes. The guide focusses on analysing the quality of both processes (how knowledge collection, analysis and dissemination is done) and knowledge (what is passed on and how this knowledge is applied). It guides users through defining and documenting organisational policy for quality and identifying the necessary resources to implement the policy and review its results. It stipulates that a person should be appointed by management to be responsible for the quality management system (QMS) within the organisation

Medbox : the aid library


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Medbox is an online library aimed at improving the quality of healthcare in humanitarian action. An independent internet platform supported by international agencies and scientific institutions active in humanitarian assistance and development, this resource collates online professional guidelines, textbooks and practical documents on health action.


Resources are divided under the following main headings: Key resources (subheadings include Disaster Preparedness, WASH, Project Cycle Management), Clinical Guidelines, Pharmacy and Technologies, Women and Child Health, Public Health, Countries and Toolboxes


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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