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Project proposal writing : ABILIS manual 1


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This very accessible and clearly structured manual aims to help disability and non-disability action groups to put forward successful proposals and to carry out their projects effectively. A successful project is built on great ideas, achievable goals, the right people and resources, strong commitment and participation, excellent management, and plans for future continuation. With numerous examples and activities, the manual illustrates and discusses all key aspects of project proposal writing, including definition of project purpose and scope, activities, budget, managements structure, monitoring and evaluation and sustainability

Comprehensive participatory planning and evaluation

et al
December 2000

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This publication aims to assist individuals and organisations in planning and evaluating interventions in a flexible, comprehensive and participatory manner. Comprehensive participatory planning and evaluation (CPPE) makes use of both casual and dynamic models and offers a high degree of participation, with increased sense of self-esteem and ownership. It is implementation-orientated and can be applied to a number of situations, including programmes and projects. This guide is clearly written, and the CPPE approach is effectively illustrated in simple steps. Covers a range of topics, including problem assessment, intervention identification, planning, setting up a monitoring and evaluation system and proposal writing. The annexes contain two case studies, practical suggestions for planning workshops and a useful checklist


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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