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This training package relates to nutrition in emergencies. The materials cover a broad range of subject areas concerned with nutrition in emergencies, in order to meet the differing needs of governments and international agencies in different contexts. Each module comprises four sections: i) briefing paper for senior decision makers; ii) technical notes for practitioners; iii) trainers' guide; and iv) reference material/sources. Contents: Module 1: Introduction to nutrition in emergencies Module 2: Agency mandates and coordination mechanisms Module 3: Understanding malnutrition Module 4: Micronutrient malnutrition Module 5: Causes of malnutrition Module 6: Measuring malnutrition: individual assessment Module 7: Measuring malnutrition: population assessment Module 8: Health assessment and the link with malnutrition Module 9: Food security assessment and the link to nutrition Module 10: Nutrition information and surveillance systems Module 11: General food distribution Module 12: Supplementary feeding Module 13: Therapeutic feeding Module 14: Micronutrient interventions Module 15: Health interventions Module 16: Livelihood interventions Module 17: Infant and young child feeding Module 18: HIV & AIDS nutrition Module 19: Nutrition information, education and communication Module 20: Monitoring and evaluation Module 21: Standards and accountability


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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