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Sustaining livelihoods across the rural-urban divide : changes and challenges facing the Beja pastoralists of north eastern Sudan


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This paper examines the transformation of the Beja livelihood system in recent years in response to changing external circumstances, and charts how coping mechanisms have evolved to become adaptive strategies. In particular, the paper examines the abandonment of mobility and the migration of Beja pastoralists to urban centres in Halaib Province itself and to Port Sudan, and analyses the evolution of Beja livelihoods in the city and the nature and the extent of the linkages that people maintain with the rural areas. A brief critique of international development support to Beja pastoralists after the major droughts in the 1980s is given, followed by a presentation of a number of key policy options, arising from the analysis, which merit consideration by the development community


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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