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Health-e is a news agency that produces news and in-depth analysis for the print and electronic media. Its particular focus is HIV/AIDS, public health and issues regarding health policy and practice in South Africa. It provides print features for newspapers and magazines and well as broadcast packages for national and community radio stations. Weekly email alerts include new articles and other interesting and topical additions to the resources pages



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The purpose of this website is to present the publications of the Greek Secretariat General of Communication on issues of disability and mass media. It also provides useful, relevant information on conferences and events pertaining to disability and media

TRRAACE electronic newsletter|La lettre electronique de TRRAACE

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A free monthly newsletter of resources for the media is structured in three parts: an editorial section highlighting content, a 'resources' section illustrating new resoruces, and a news section, linking to news postings on the website during the period.
Chaque bulletin électronique de TRRAACE contient une partie éditoriale dont le thème est résumé dans l’intitulé de chaque bulletin. De plus, chaque numéro présente les «ressources» et les «nouvelles» qui ont été postées sur le site durant la période concernée.

Drum beat

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This regular free email newsletter summarises information included on the Communiation Intitaive's website. Issues are thematic

NGO manager directory categories


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This directory presents management tools and information for nonprofits worldwide in the following categories: general resources, organisational development, performance management, managing finances, developing human resources, communication and marketing