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Maternal social capital and child health in Vietnam

TUAN, Tran
et al

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In Vietnam there is growing concern about the potential social impact of rapid economic changes. The extent and type of social connectedness, or social capital, may be changing...The Young Lives project in Vietnam allows the examination of the relationship between maternal social capital and child well-being. With a sample of 1,953 mothers of one-year-olds and 954 mothers of eight-year-olds across five provinces, this study examines whether maternal social capital is associated with child health

World declaration on the survival, protection and development of children and plan of action for implementing the world declaration


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This document was adopted during the world summit for children in September 1990. Led by 71 heads of state and government and 88 other senior officials, mostly at the ministerial level, the world summit adopted a declaration on the survival, protection and development of children and a plan of action for implementing the declaration in the 1990s. These documents contain outlined specific promises to promote the "optimal growth and development in childhood through measures to eradicate hunger, malnutrition and famine" and the plans to achieve this goal

Population and health infoshare

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This is an electronic resource centre of documents and upcoming events on reproductive and child health, HIV and AIDS, and population. The resources are submitted by partner organisations that work on projects in developing countries


Source e-bulletin on Disability and Inclusion

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