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Investing in information for development module

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

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This module of the FAO's IMARK toolkit addresses the needs of managers to build their skills and awareness around managing information in their organisation. It aims to help managers develop and implement strategies, policies, structures and procedures for effective management of information. The module reviews current trends in access to and dissemination of information, and how new technologies (ICTs) affect and enhance information activities in organisations

December 2005

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This website aims to make high quality manuals, field books and training courses easily available to groups who need them (free of cost to those in the South but with a contribution of $25 requested from those in the North); to encourage colleagues to be open to new knowledge and skills, to plan and stick to self-guided learning; to introduce topics which may be new to some people an to link users to resources, useful organisations, websites and materials; and to provide a place for users working in different countries in the South to stay informed. The resources are available online and cover a variety of topics in a clear, easy to understand format. It provides a number of guidelines including guidelines for writing reports [] and a simple guide to the web []

Managing a non profit : a guide for NGO managers

IVOM, Damian O

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The aim of the guide is to help develop the capacity of NGOs by critically analysing thematic areas with examples for effective NGO management in developing countries, especially Africa, thereby making them become accountable to the community they serve, the government and the funding agencies

NGO manager : management tools and information for nonprofits worldwide

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The NGO Manager website provides a selection of management tools and key articles which are available on the internet free of charge. The NGO Manager E-Library contains links to more than 300 commented publications. Covers all aspects of programme and NGO management, including organisational development, performance management, financial management, human resources, communication and marketing

NGO manager newsletter

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NGO Manager aspires to provide a comprehensive range of nonprofit management services to managers of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), including training courses and consultancy, and research on how to improve management capacity building. Each newsletter contains: a short article on a particularly relevant management issue, a review of the latest internet links, an invitation to join a forum discussion and information on events and training opportunities
Every two months


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